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Printing & Finishes

Our Packaging Factory provides endless options for your custom box to make your product stand out from the pack.
You need to provide us with your ideas and requirements and design, our packaging experts can help you to eliminate your doubts, and make your design become the finished boxes.
Gloss Lamination
Matte Lamination
frosting process

Gloss | Matte Lamination

Frosting Surface

Gloss Lamination and Matte Lamination are adding a layer of protective coating to the printing surface.

Features are played waterproof and anti-fading and more durable effect.

Frosting Surface is matte itself, with the role of waterproof anti-scratch.

foil stamping gold
Hot laser gold
foil stamping red

Foil Stamping Process

The foil stamping surface is a special metal effect, including ordinary foil stamping, laser foil stamping, embossing + foil stamping, and so on. The pattern is clear and beautiful, the color is bright and eye-catching, wear-resistant, and can play the finishing point, highlighting the role of the design theme, especially for trademarks, and registered names, the effect is more significant.

UV seven color powder
Color UV

Spot UV Process

UV process is a special way of glazing, after UV appears bright, a three-dimensional sense of strong, crystal-like glitter, can produce a unique artistic effect.

emboss and UV

Embossing & Debossing Process

Embossing increases the vivid and beautiful three-dimensional sense of graphics and text, embossing a variety of convex graphics and patterns, showing a different depth of patterns, with a clear sense of relief, and has a strong artistic appeal. The application and development of debossing and embossing technology have a long history in our country.

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