Box Manufacturing

HotdashunPackaging has been dedicated to one thing for over 20 years – crafting every box with care. Our goal is to ensure that each box not only meets high-quality standards at a low cost but also that our boxes have captured over 70% of the global market share.

Now, let us provide you with a detailed introduction to the production process of packaging boxes, allowing everyone to gain a deeper understanding of how these meticulously crafted boxes are created.

Cardboard Box Manufacturing

Hotdashun Packaging has profound expertise and extensive research in the development and production of paper packaging boxes. We possess a skilled team of professionals and advanced manufacturing equipment, enabling us to create paper packaging boxes that are not only visually appealing but also cost-effective.

Please read the following content to learn more about our paper packaging box production process.

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Raw Material Selection

First, the choice of raw materials is very important for a good box. A good method is that we understand your brand design concept, with the factory’s understanding of the box production requirements accurately transmitted to the production line, according to the engineer’s feedback to prepare the corresponding high-quality, good physical properties of the raw materials.

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Precision Paper-Cutting

Step 2 is to cut the paper to the appropriate specifications. Through our company equipped with automatic loading module of the machine knife, so that our paper-cutting process more efficient. Only need to set the preset data, machine knife can handle up to 18cm paper at a time. The sharp knife cutting paper without any burrs, not only greatly improve the quality level, and improve productivity.

Hydraulic programmed paper cutter
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Rapid Plate Making

Through the automatic loading module of the machine knife, we automatically cut the paper into the size of the box shape, precision can reach 0.1 mm, and the sharp knife cuts pieces without any rough edges so that the entire box is more delicate.

Paper Cutter -Guillotine
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Full Color Printing

We have more than 10 years of experienced team of printing engineers, we can put your brand image through our printing box to show beautifully, our professional color engineer, through their own skilled and master of modern machinery of the perfect combination of standards, the printing color is very strict.
Our printers include Heidelberg 6 + 1, KBA 5 + 1, and LX 8 + 1, enabling us to print up to eight colors simultaneously at speeds of 8,000-12,000 RPM, or 100,000 boxes per day, the color of the printed box is almost exactly the same.
four color printing
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Foil Stamping/UV/Embossing

Logo and Pattern is the first element of brand display, so skilled and careful technicians are also very important, our factory has a professional QC team, will be in each link of the strict inspection.
After printing the paper, through semi-automatic foil stamping, spot UV and embossing/debossing LOGO and pattern, Then our professional QC team carry out strict inspection, make each of your logos display the best 3D effect.
Semi-automatic gold stamping machine
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Auto Die-Cutting

We will have printed patterns of cardboard die-cutting process. Our common die-cutting machine has automatic die-cutting machine and manual die-cutting machine, we will according to the number of boxes to choose the appropriate die-cutting machine, with our professional knowledge to ensure that each piece of cardboard is accurate cutting, and the scrap rate is reduced, the production efficiency is improved and the time cost is saved.

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Box Folding & Gluing

Our packing machine is infrared induction folding machine, can accurately locate the straight cardboard and complete the special instructions, so we can save repeated manual work, reduce the cost and failure rate. All the processes in the printing of good paper-cut and straight paperboard ready after a one-time folding molding. To match our 5 fully automatic glue machines, we can fold 10,000 to 15,000 boxes an hour.

Auto gluing machine

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