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Take our high-quality gift boxes to pack your products, and let them show your clients a different feeling on different occasions, these are the meaning of the gift boxes.

Wide Range of Custom Gift Boxes Factory

20+ Years of Experience in Customized Gift Boxes Wholesale.

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Material Selection

Hotdashunpackaging manufactures gift boxes using various materials. You can choose wood, plastic, metal, acrylic,  leather, paper, etc. Let’s take a closer look at a few of them.

Wood gift boxes wholesalewood gift boxes are one of the most durable and attractive containers, Wooden gift boxes protect your products from damage.

Plastic gift boxes wholesale– If your order is particularly large, custom plastic gift boxes are very suitable, affordable, and beautiful products.

Paper gift boxes wholesale– Nowadays, more and more people advocate environmental protection, so paper gift box is very popular, not only cheap but also environmentally friendly.

pen gift boxes wholesale
gift boxes wholesale

Gift Box Suits For Any Products

Hotdashunpackaging gift box supplier is able to produce all kinds of gift boxes to suit your products.

Gift boxes in different shapes– We are able to produce round gift boxes, heart gift boxes, and odd-shaped gift boxes.

Gift boxes in a wide range of productshat boxes wholesale, candle boxes wholesale, wholesale clothes packaging boxes, coffee boxes wholesale, soap boxes wholesale, flower boxes wholesale, wholesale shoe boxes.

Double opening box

Double opening box

magnetic boxes

magnetic boxes

Top-bottom Box

Top-bottom Box

foldable box

foldable box

Unique shaped box

Unique shaped box

Common Materials

white cardboard

White Cardboard

special paper

Special Paper

corrugated paper

Corrugated Paper

coated paper

Coated Paper

kraft paper

Kraft Paper

Printing & Finishes

Gloss Lamination

Gloss Lamination

Matte Lamination

Matte Lamination

frosting process

Frosting Process


Spot UV

foil stamping gold

Foil Stamping

Choose Hotdashunpackaging to Custom Your Gift Boxes

gift boxes Sample Room
gift box Sample Room

Hotdashunpackaging has more than 20 years of experience in the production of gift boxes wholesale. Over the years, we focus on the design and production of high-quality gift boxes to meet customer expectations.

Our experienced team of experts enables us to provide quality gift boxes and customized services.

The supply chain of our gift box factory is very stable. If your order quantity is small, it doesn’t matter. We will also try our best to serve you.

We can provide gift boxes for a variety of products, such as hat boxes wholesale, candle boxes wholesale, coffee boxes wholesale, soap boxes wholesale, and flower boxes wholesale.

We provide you with value-added services, and we will provide our long-term cooperation of the logistics company’s offer to you for reference, letting you away from a lot of trouble, and saving you valuable time.
If you want to customize the gift, please contact Hotdashunpackaging!

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I would highly recommend Hotdashunpackaging as a supplier of quality gift boxes. All gift boxes are manufactured and design accurately and accordingly to what our specifications are.
We appreciate hotdashunpackaging for supplying us with high-quality and charming gift boxes. They are an reliable gift box supplier, I confirm they also can help you.

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General Questions

Sure, In addition to wood, acrylic, leather, plastic, cloth, and paper materials, we can provide metal, copper, silver, and gold materials to you.

Yes, we do. please provide your 3D design drawings to us.
We are able to provide you with an estimated price within 2 working days. Besides, we are also manufacturing die-casting molds.

For general materials and styles, the MOQ is 100-300 pcs for your customized gift boxes.
But it doesn’t matter, please get in touch with us, and we can provide some advice to you based on your requirement and budget, no matter how quantity your want to start from.

In general,
7-10 days for sample.
4 weeks for mass production.

If your delivery time is very tight, we can discuss it to push them forward.

In addition to providing free efficient communication services, we also provide safe standard export packaging and provide some transportation projects for your reference.

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